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Learn About Liability Insurance in Your State

Looking to Purchase General Liability Insurance? Choosing the right agency to find your business liability policy can save you money and help ensure you get the right coverage for your business.

Benefits of Choosing General Liability Shop:

✓ Little or No Money Down Startup Options
✓ Lower Monthly Payment Plans
✓ Reduced Insurance Rates and More Discounts
✓ Specialized BOP Programs for Most Classes of Business
✓ Easier to Qualify for Higher Risk Industries

General Liability Rates and Coverage Vary by State

General liability insurance varies from state to state in terms of the insurance rates, coverage requirements and the treatment of owners and officers on the policy.  You can learn more about the rules and regulations regarding GL insurance in your state by filling out the no-obligation quote request form, and a GL Shop Specialist will contact you shortly with general liability information for your state.

General Liability and Owners or Officers of the Business

General liability for owners and officers will differ from one state to the next, particularly in terms of the minimum wages applied to owners and officers for generating policy premium costs. Certain states require higher owner wages than other states when rating coverage premium. Insurance companies often rate premium based off of a rate per thousand dollars of gross employee and owner wages. Therefore, the wage limits used for business owners or company officers can make a significant difference quotes. To learn more about how we help ensure owners don’t pay overpay for coverage, contact a GL Insurance Specialist.

Learn About General Liability Programs in Your State

Click on your state below to learn more about General liability programs available in your state. General Liability Shop.com writes general business liability insurance in all 50 states. We shop your general liability insurance so you don’t have to.

Employers Liability Alabama

If you are looking for general liability insurance in Alabama, GL Shop.com is a great bet for finding affordable coverage and great liability insurance options.  We write a lot of construction and restaurant GL in your state.

Employers Liability Alaska

While we don’t write a ton of business in Alaska, we do have a handful of customers who found better coverage with us.  We have clients in towns like Wasilla, Rogers and Kodiak. We provide GL for tax preparation, lawn service and janitorial.

Employers Liability Arizona

If you are planning to start a business in Arizona, or already have an AZ-based company, you should know that we currently serve hundreds of satisfied clients in your state.  We have clients in cities such as Gilbert, Scottsdale, Mesa and Phoenix.

Employers Liability Arkansas

The low cost of living in Arkansas makes the state an affordable place to live and work.  In Benton County, the home of Wal-Mart, we write insurance for plenty of artisan contractors such as HVAC, electricians and more.  We also have clients including home healthcare providers and trucking businesses. We have customers throughout AR, including Springfield and Fayetteville.

Employers Liability California

California is one of the strongest states for writing general liability and commercial insurance products.  We help CA business owners purchase GL in nearly every industry sector.  Our clients are located in cities such as Anaheim, Bakersfield, Burbank, Fresno and Los Angeles.

Employers Liability Colorado

Purchase Colorado GL with one of our Specialists today.  Whether you are looking for coverage in a major Colorado city, such as Colorado Springs, Boulder, Fort Collins or Denver, or live in other areas in the state, our CO General Liability Specialists can help you find fast and affordable coverage.

Employers Liability Connecticut

Known as the Nutmeg State, Connecticut is the fourth most densely populated state.  Our agency has had tremendous success providing CT GL coverage to small business owners in areas such as Danbury, Fairfield and New Britain.

Employers Liability Delaware

Located on the Atlantic coast, Delaware is ranked second for technology and engineers.  Our in-house GL Specialists have provided a fair amount of general liability programs like Tech E&O and automotive services to DE companies.

Employers Liability District of Columbia

Washington D.C. may be small, but that has not prevented us from writing great general liability there.  We currently work with numerous restaurants and other small business owners.

Employers Liability Florida

Like most other coastal states, Florida is considered a high cost of living area.  That’s why we’ve worked to develop special payment terms for many of our FL general liability programs.  Take advantage of these benefits when purchasing GL in cities like Miami, Tampa, Jacksonville, Fort Lauderdale or any other city in the Sunshine State.

Employers Liability Georgia

Businesses in Georgia can purchase GL insurance from us with speed and convenience.  GL Shop has numerous carriers that write GL in Georgia and we already serve numerous clients in GA cities like Atlanta, Savannah, Columbus and Augusta.

Employers Liability Hawaii

Unfortunately, many of our carriers are not currently providing GL coverage in Hawaii.  However, we do write general liability coverage for some retail businesses and restaurants in HI with The Hartford and Travelers.

Employers Liability Idaho

The Gem State of Idaho is a mostly mountainous state surrounded by six other U.S. states.  Find out how our agents can help you find affordable GL insurance for your store or restaurant in cities such as Boise, Meridian and Burley.

Employers Liability Illinois

Find out how you can obtain instant GL coverage in Illinois with GL Shop.com.  We offer same day quoting and great payment terms for many types of commercial businesses.  We have numerous clients in cities such as Chicago, Springfield and Belleville.

Employers Liability Indiana

If you’re looking for general liability in Indiana, GL Shop.com is a good fit.  We currently provide GL insurance for many types of industries throughout Indiana.  We have clients in numerous cities including Evansville, Indianapolis and Boonville.

Employers Liability Iowa

Iowa, known as the “Food Capitol of the World,” is a Midwestern state with a diverse economy.  GL Shop.com services many customers in areas such as manufacturing, financial services and biotechnology throughout IA.  We have clients in places like Des Moines, Council Bluffs and Davenport.

Employers Liability Kansas

Starting a Business in KS?  A GL Shop policy could be just what you need to help grow your business.  Whether you live in Kansas City, Wichita or Overland Park, let one of our general liability experts help you make a smooth transition into affordable insurance coverage.

Employers Liability Kentucky

Writing general liability with us is a breeze in the Bluegrass State.  Whether you’re starting a new business or looking for more affordable GL. Kentucky is a great state for GL Shop.com.

Employers Liability Louisiana

Let a Louisiana GL Specialist assist you in making the most of your Louisiana general liability package.  We insure businesses throughout LA, including New Orleans, Shreveport and Baton Rouge.

Employers Liability Maine

While our agency does not currently write much general liability business in the state of Maine, we do have many partner carriers with affordable GL insurance rates in the state.  We currently have clients in cities such as Winthrop and Sebec.

Employers Liability Maryland

Maryland has proven to be a great state for GL Shop.com to help with general liability insurance.  We currently have insureds in numerous cities in Maryland, including Baltimore, Cambridge, Bowie and Silver Spring.  Give us a try today.

Employers Liability Massachusetts

Massachusetts is the most populated state among the six New England states.  Our Pay As You Go GL programs have been very popular with MA business owners because they help improve cash flow and reduce the down payment requirements.  We have customers in industries such as healthcare, construction and technology.

Employers Liability Michigan

Adrian, Detroit and Northville, MI are all cities where we have numerous GL clients saving money with our products and services.  Let one of our in-house agents start working on a general liability quote for your Michigan business today.

Employers Liability Minnesota

Nearly 60 percent of Minnesota’s residents live around the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and Saint Paul.  Find out if you qualify for one of our GL quotes by making contact with one of GL Specialists.

Employers Liability Mississippi

Mississippi is an excellent state for GL Shop.com.  We write thousands of general liability policies in this state and work with clients in cities such as Brandon, Flowood, Jackson and Pearl.  Get a GL quote today!

Employers Liability Missouri

A Missouri general liability insurance Specialist can help you learn more about the specific rules pertaining to liability coverage in the state of Missouri.  Headquartered in MO, we have numerous clients in both rural areas and major cities such as Kansas City, Columbia, St. Louis and Springfield.

Employers Liability Montana

Due to of the low population in Montana, we don’t write a significant amount of GL policies in “The Last Best Place.”  We do have insured in MT cities such as Billings, Belgrade and Kalispell.

Employers Liability Nebraska

A Great Plains State, Nebraska is a leading farming and ranching area.  We provide GL policies for numerous contractors, lawn care companies and livestock industries around cities like Omaha, Lincoln and Auburn.

Employers Liability Nevada

If you live in Nevada you will definitely be interested in receiving GL quotes from one of our NV General Liability Experts.  We have quite a few clients in Nevada cities such as Carson City, Las Vegas, Reno and Sparks.

Employers Liability New Hampshire

“Live Free or Die” adorns NH license plates.  Our GL Specialists provide access to general liability quotes for industries such as sports and recreation, trucking and commercial cleaning services.

Employers Liability New Jersey

New Jersey is home to numerous types of industries and is the most densely populated state in the U.S.  Our GL Agents provide a lot of service and general liability options in NJ cities like Asbury Park, Brick, Vineland and Trenton.

Employers Liability New Mexico

We provide affordable GL coverage across NM in cities such as Albuquerque, Las Cruces and Rio Rancho.  Carpentry and construction GL has been a major driving force for our tremendous success in winning commercial policies in this state.

Employers Liability New York

New York in one of our top performing states for GL in terms of the number of policies written per year.  We have great partners and excellent general liability programs for most industries in NY, including cities such as Bainbridge and New York City.

Employers Liability North Carolina

North Carolina has been one of the fastest growing markets over the past few years.  One of our NC GL Specialists can quickly help you determine if you qualify for one of our general liability programs for a business in Charlotte, Durham, Sylvia or anywhere else in the Tar Heel State.

Employers Liability North Dakota

North Dakota is the third least populous state in the U.S., so our agency does not write very much business here.  We do have markets available for affordable GL for numerous commercial small businesses.

Employers Liability Ohio

Ohio is a monopolistic state for workers compensation coverage Our in-house GL Brokers provide excellent options for general liability insurance in Buckeye State.  We have clients in cities such as Cleveland, Cincinnati and Dublin.

Employers Liability Oklahoma

Looking for fast and affordable general commercial liability coverage in OK?  Contact a GL Shop Agent today and learn more about our Pay As You Go GL options for contractors and service companies or get a quick GL quote in cities like Oklahoma city and Tulsa.

Employers Liability Oregon

Our business liability brokers have had good success helping Oregon commercial business owners obtain general liability for construction, framing and other contractors in cities throughout OR, including Portland and Eugene.  Get a GL quote today!

Employers Liability Pennsylvania

Need GL in the Keystone State?  A GL policy from us may be just what you need to get great general liability coverage at a great price.  PA is one of our top performing states and we have tons of markets and programs like PayGo GL available in Philadelphia, Pittsburg and other surrounding cites.

Employers Liability Rhode Island

The Ocean State of Rhode Island is ranked forty-third in population, so GL Shop doesn’t write very much business here.  However, we do have good markets for industries like restaurants, technology and home repair.

Employers Liability South Carolina

Find out if you qualify for general liability quotes from GL Shop.com and save money with one of our unique GL programs.  One of our SC GL Brokers can assist you with your quotes and ensure that you make the most of your business liability insurance.

Employers Liability South Dakota

South Dakota ranks forty-sixth in the United States by population.  Our agency does not currently write much GL insurance in South Dakota, but we do have several good insurance carriers to provide construction GL and other business liability products.

Employers Liability Tennessee

Need general liability insurance quotes in the Volunteer State?  A GL Shop.com business liability program could be just what you need to grow your TN small commercial business.  Whether you’re located in Knoxville, Nashville or Memphis, we can help you find inexpensive general liability coverage.

Employers Liability Texas

Purchase GL in Texas with the help of one of our in-house General Liability Brokers.  Our agency writes tons of business liability, professional liability and construction GL in TX cities such as San Antonio, El Paso, Dallas and Houston.

Employers Liability Utah

CNN Money ranked Salt Lake City as the fifteenth best city to live in and launch a business.  Our GL Agents provide general liability insurance quotes for Utah industries like trucking, information technology and tourism.  Get UT GL quotes today.

Employers Liability Vermont

Vermont is one of our smallest states in terms of both area and population.  However, our GL Insurance Brokers have had success in providing general liability coverage to small commercial companies in VT towns such as Newbury, Burlington and Orleans.  Try GL Shop.com today!

Employers Liability Virginia

Learn more about your business liability options in the state of Virginia.  A VA GL Insurance Specialist can help you determine your eligibility and options for purchasing general liability coverage in Virginia Beach, Richmond, Alexandria or any other Virginia city.

Employers Liability Washington

Although Washington is a monopolistic state in regard to work comp, it does allow private general liability carriers to provide business liability coverage within the state.  Let one of our Construction GL Experts provide you with comprehensive general liability quotes today.

Employers Liability West Virginia

Located in the Appalachian region of the United States, West Virginia has proven to be a good state for doing business with our GL insurance companies.  We have customers located throughout WV and in cities like Charleston, Kenova, Morgantown and Wheeling.

Employers Liability Wisconsin

A GL insurance quote with one of our business liability brokers could be a great choice for business owners located in Wisconsin.  We offer flexible payment terms and great commercial insurance rates for WI customers located in Bristol, Milwaukee, New Berlin or other cities located in the state.

Employers Liability Wyoming

Wyoming is the least populated state within the U.S.  It is dominated by mountain ranges such as the Rockies and High Plains.  While our GL Insurance Brokers don’t provide many general liability insurance quotes in WY, we do have markets available to quote GL.

National Business Insurance Quotes

Regardless of the state in which you work and do business, General Liability Shop.com helps connect business owners and insurance companies so they get the very best quotes and coverage on business liability insurance. Start a quote online today, or give us a call at 800-900-8657.