Janitorial Services

Insurance for Janitorial Services

Janitorial services provide basic cleaning services to the interior of premises for commercial and industrial clients. Some operations provide exclusive services for one client only, while others have a number of regular clients or offer services to the public on an “as needed” basis.

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Typical services include the removal of trash from all areas of the premises, cleaning restrooms, dusting and regular vacuuming, mopping or sweeping of floors. Other services may include cleaning of eating areas, carpet cleaning, floor polishing, cleaning of drapery and window washing.

Recommended Insurance Programs for Janitorial Businesses

Janitorial service companies have unique risks that affect their operations. Many service companies have specialized liabiliuty exposures and may utilize personal vehicles of employees to travel to job sites. They also have greater risk associated with general liability claims and employee dishonesty.

Other coverages to consider for Environmental Services:
Business Personal Property, Employee Dishonesty, Contractors’ Equipment (Inland Marine), Employee Benefits Liability, Umbrella Coverage, Building, Business Income with Extra Expense, Bailees Customers Floater, Automobile Liability and Physical Damage and Employment Related Practices Liability

Common Risks and Needs Associated with Janitorial Services

General Liability Insurance

General liability exposure is slight at the janitorial service’s premises due to lack of public access to the premises. Operations at customers’ premises include risk of injury or damage to customers’ property from spills, marring, scratched surfaces and the upset or dropping of breakables. Many of these fall under the care, custody and control exclusion and should be covered under an Inland Marine policy and Bailees form.

Wet, slippery floors can pose a slip and fall hazard to the client’s employees or to customers and passersby. The absence of basic controls (e.g., scheduling to minimize any work done while the premises are open for business, proper caution signs and the use of non-slip finishes) may indicate a hazard.

A major concern is failure to secure the premises during cleaning and especially upon completion of the work. The hazard increases when there is high turnover and lack of proper training and procedures such as lock-up procedures, key control and a required checklist when a job is completed. Some areas of customers’ premises may need to remain closed because they contain property susceptible to damage or contamination, dangerous materials or confidential information.
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Other liability exposures include invasion of privacy and even assault to the customers’ employees. Failure to run background checks and review references on employees increases the hazard and reduces available defenses.

Business Property Insurance

Property insurance refers to both building and business personal property. Property exposures may be limited to an office and storage of equipment and supplies. Cleaning supplies may contain flammable chemicals that require proper labeling, separation and storage in approved containers and cabinets to reduce the potential for fire. There may also be a garage area for vehicles transporting equipment and crew to the job.

Commercial Auto or Hired and Non-Owned

Automobile exposures may be fairly low, involving only non-owned exposures, or there could be owned vehicles with transport of equipment, supplies and crew to job sites. If employees find their own way to the work site, the non-owned exposure is minimal, unless workers run work-related errands or transport coworkers in personal autos. If the insured uses owned autos to transport the crew, proper safeguards should be in place in respect to the number of persons carried, the qualifications of the driver, and age, condition and maintenance of the vehicle. The absence of proper licensing and training, or (in the case of non-owned autos) valid personal insurance is of great concern.

Employee Dishonesty Insurance

Crime exposure comes mainly from theft by employees of clients’ property. Background checks, supervision, monitoring and regular crew changes are all used to minimize the exposure. Employee dishonesty may also be covered under a commercial crime policy.

Inland Marine Insurance

Inland marine exposure is limited. Janitorial supplies and equipment, such as vacuum cleaners, are typically brought to the customer’s premises to provide services, then are brought back with the crew. Some contractors may store some of their equipment on the customer’s premises; others do their work with equipment provided by the client.

Janitorial services frequently have a bailees’ exposure for customers’ property in their care, custody and control. Damage to high-valued items like carpeting and draperies could result in a sizable loss since a small spill or other damage could reduce the value of the entire item.

Workers Compensation Insurance

Workers compensation exposure can be high. Casual labor, high turnover and minimal training time are all factors affecting losses; work is also frequently performed under time constraints. Workers can experience lung, eye or skin irritations and reactions to the cleaning chemicals. Slips and falls can occur during cleaning operations. Lifting, back injury, hernia and sprain and strain are all common occurrences. Employees can also suffer assault due to working during “off hours” in empty buildings. A lack of close supervision to keep employees safe represents a significant hazard.

Business Liability Quotes for Janitorial Services

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  • Janitorial Services Liability Classification Codes

    Commercial insurance companies use various liability classification systems in order to classify and rate coverage premiums for Janitorial Services. Here are the most common business insurance classifications for Janitorial Businesses:

    Business Liability Category: Artisan Contractors

    SIC Business Insurance Codes:

    • 7349: Building Cleaning and Maintenance Services

    NAICS Liability Classifications:

    • 561720: Janitorial Services
    • 561210: Facilities Support Services
    • 561790: Other Services to Building and Dwellings

    Business ISO General Liability:

    • 96816: Janitorial Services

    Common Workers Compensation Class Codes:

    • 9014: Janitorial Services by Contractors—No Window Cleaning Above Ground Floor

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