New Business Insurance

New Business Owners Insurance

Starting a new business should be a rewarding experience, but it’s often stressful dealing with all the ends and outs of getting everything accomplished on time. The last thing most start-up business owners want to do is spend more money on liability insurance or more time worring about all the risks associated with owning a small business.

If starting a new business was easy, everybody would be doing it…

At General Liability Shop.com, we’ve developed new business programs that don’t break the bank. We work with insurance companies that specialize in new business coverage, making it easier and faster for you to qualify for business liability insurance. Many of our programs offer lower down payment and more flexible payment plans to help stretch your dollars and improve cash flow.

Business Liability Insurance Costs for New Businesses

The cost of commercial liability insurance is very much a factor of industry competition and predictive modeling formulas. Claims cost and frequency data by industry class are used on a national and state level to measure expected profitability as well as the probability and cost of future claims. Insurance companies quoting liability insurance use this industry-wide data, along with their own internal measurements, to determine their premiums and insurance rates.
New business liability insurance for startup business owners.

Insurance companies operate under the same universal laws of supply and demand. The less carriers that compete on insurance quotes in a particular industry, the higher the cost of business insurance. Some types of businesses have a lot of carriers competing, others industries like contractors, physicians, bars, and janitorial risks have less competition.

The best way to get the lowest cost on new business insurance is to shop your coverage with more insurance companies. That’s why we work with so many carriers; we recognize that insurance companies who quote small business insurance have drastically different appetites and insurance rates depending on their own profitability and experience with an industry.

BOP Coverage May be Perfect for New Business Owners

A Business Owners Policy (BOP), is often a great option for new business owners who qualify for this type of coverage. A BOP is essentially a pre-packaged commercial insurance policy specifically designed for a specific type od business. For example, a BOP policy for a technology firm would include different lines of coverage and options than a BOP policy for a small restaurant.

Included With a Common BOP Policy:

A General Liability Shop BOP insurance policy combines several lines of coverage under a single policy.

A Business Owners Policy Combines Several Lines of Coverage Under a Single Policy:

✓ General Liability Insurance for third-party liability
✓ Property Insurance for Buildings and Personal
✓ Business Interruption and Extra Expense Coverage
✓ Additional Coverages for EPLI, Data Breach, and More

New Business Insurance Quote

A lot of insurance agencies don’t take new business owners that seriously. Maybe it’s because a lot of businesses fail in the first year or two, or perhaps it’s because the small business insurance policy won’t generate enough commission to make it worth their time. This approach often leaves a new business owners with little or no options for coverage or pricing. As little as one general liability quote from a single insurance company.

At General Liability Shop.com, we love new business owners. Some of our biggest customers today started out as a small, new business policy with our agency. Business liability insurance is important for your business, so its our job to get it right. We’ll give you great advice, friendly service, and lower cost insurance quotes.

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New Business Checklist

There’s a lot to get done when starting a new business. Everything from creating your business, marketing your business, hiring employees, and buying liability insurance. Here a few housekeeping items to consider in order to make sure you start your business running:

New Business Startup Checklist
  • Choose Your Business Structure
  • Apply for Federal Tax ID Number
  • Get Your Business License
  • Register Business Name With the State
  • Establish Your Financial Tax Year
  • Set Up Accounting System
  • Obtain Required Permits and Licenses
  • Open Commercial Bank Account
  • Register a Domain Name
  • Order Business Cards
  • Launch a Website
  • Get Business Liability Insurance
  • Why Quote With General Liability Shop.com?

    Every new business deserves the most affordable liability coverage. Aside from having a ton of insurance companies and liability programs to choose from, we’ve also have a team of professionals with a passion for small business and entrepreneurism. We care about your success, and we want to be a part of it. Give us a shot, and get fast, free, no-obligation insurance quotes for your business today.

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    New Business Insurance Requirements

    Insurance requirements for a new business can either be legally required, or required by contract. Some requirements for business insurance come in the form of state laws and regulations set forth by each state’s governing bodies. These laws can vary between business types and the number of employees a business hires. Other requirements for business insurance are established by bank loans, property leases, and sub-contractor agreements, franchisers, and vendors.