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At General Liability Shop.com, we specialize in commercial business insurance so you don’t have to. Whether your a new business, a small business, or you’re simply shopping for better rates on commercial insurance for your business, chances are we’ve got helpful information to guide you in making good decisions about your coverage and the insurance products to help you find a lower cost for better coverage. Give one of our business insurance Specialists a call today at (800) 900-8657, or start your business liability quote here online.

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Small Business Liability Insurance

Many small business owners will benefit from purchasing a Business Owners Policy (BOP) instead of buying business insurance coverages on an individual basis. A BOP policy includes GL coverage and typically allows for customization of business personal property coverage amounts, liability limits on the policy, and a Hired and Non-Owned coverage endorsements.

These policies also generally include a small amount of additional coverages such as Accounts Receivable, EPLI insurance, and Data Breach. These additional lines of coverage are throw-ins in the insurance industry because they are often included with a BOP at no additional charge. Overall, BOP policy often provides greater insurance coverage at a lower cost that buying the same coverages individually.

General Liability Insurance Quote

Getting a General Liability insurance quote doesn’t have to be complicated. Most agents will need basic information about your business for underwriting purposes. Once an agent understands what your business does and how it operates, they will need additional information about your payroll, sub-contractors (if any), gross sales, property, and other potential liability exposures.

The primary responsibility of a good insurance agent is to ensure your business is properly protected from potential losses and claims, and that you understand the pros and cons of each decision you make with regard to insurance for your business. Once the agent has a grasp on what you’re looking for, the focus shifts to marketing your business to insurance companies and underwriters. Top quality, professional insurance agents understand what it takes to get business owners the best rates on their commercial insurance.

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General Liability Insurance for Contractors

Contractor liability insurance is important to construction businesses because most general contractors require certificates of insurance prior to allowing a sub-contractor to perform work on a jobsite. Contractors also have a good deal of liability exposure regarding the work the perform for others. Not only is their a risk of damage to property or a third-party injury during the course of the work being performed. Their is also and a products liability exposure after the work is completed.

Contractors should also consider purchasing Inland Marine coverage for their tools and equipment since it covers both damage and theft. This coverage is often very affordable and can usually be added onto a BOP policy.

Contractors are often presented with Claims Made policy quotes as opposed to Occurrence policy quotes(see Claims Made vs Occurrence coverage). Coverage for product liability underneath the General Liability policy is handled vary differently between these two types of coverage forms. Contractors should carefully consider both the value and the cost of each policy. An Occurrence policy may be a little more expensive than a Claims Made policy, but the overall value is generally better for Contractors. However, sometimes Occurrence form coverage may not be available for all types of construction contractors.