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Certificate of Liability Insurance

General Liability Shop customers who need a certificate of insurance for their business can complete the form below or contact their account manager at 800-900-8657. We make insurance certificates a high priority and will generally have your certificate issued in less than an hour.

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How to Get a Certificate of Insurance

Certificates can only be issued to existing customers and policyholders. They can be issued directly by your insurance company or the agency who placed the line of coverage. Business owners who have insurance coverage written through more than one insurance agency will need a separate certificate of liability coverage from each agency who issued the policy or policies. An insurance company cannot provide proof of insurance coverage for any policies not written through the agency issuing the certificate.

Please complete the certificate request form above or contact our office for a certificate of insurance. If you don’t currently have business insurance or need an additional line of coverage for your business, contact our Specialists today.

A Certificate is Your Proof of Coverage

A certificate of insurance is proof of liability coverage for your business. A certificate lists important information about your coverage and must be signed by an authorized representative of your insurance agency or carrier.

Certificates of Liability Insurance Include:
  • Active Insurance Companies
  • Endorsements and Special Provisions
  • Agency Contact Info
  • Excess and Umbrella Coverage
  • All Policy Numbers
  • Insured's Name and Address
  • Authorized Signature
  • Limits of Coverage
  • Auto Liability Coverage
  • Notices and Disclaimers
  • Cancellation Notification Terms
  • Other Lines of Insurance
  • Certificate Holder Information
  • Policy Exclusions
  • Description of Operations
  • Types of General Liability Coverage
  • Effective and Expiration Dates
  • Workers Compensation Coverage
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    Certificate Holders and Additional Insured

    Most insurance companies require agents to issue certificates to a specific certificate holder, or the business requesting or requiring the certificate. Certificates of liability insurance without the holder’s information do not afford any coverage to the insured or anyone else. There is also a potential for abuse and confusion with blank certificates.

    Often times, a certificate holder, or another business, will request to be named as additionally insured for a particular job or project on an insurance certificate. This practice is commonplace and helps ensure that they will not be liable for accidents or injuries caused by the subcontractor performing the work. However, an additional insured must be endorsed onto a policy or the policy must have a blanket additional insured endorsement for additional insureds.

    Insurance Certificate Disclaimers and Waivers of Subrogation

    A certificate of insurance is not a legal contract and does not provide any coverage beyond the actual insurance policy. It only serves as a summary of the coverages provided by the insurance company and does not amend, extend or alter coverages under the physical insurance policy.

    A waiver of subrogation is another policy endorsement often requested, or required, by certificate holders. This policy endorsement is common for contractors and prohibits your insurance company from attempting to seek any restitution or reimbursement from the certificate holder or their insurance company. This practice prevents claims and losses from falling back on a general contractors’ policy in the future.