About General Liability Shop.com

General Liability Shop.com was founded in 2005 as a specialized division of The Insurance Shop, LLC. Our goal is simple: create a national online agency dedicated to providing the most affordable business liability insurance solutions to business owners as fast as possible. As a result of our exclusive focus on small business liability insurance, we’ve managed to build a large network of insurance companies willing to compete for your commercial liability coverage. We’ve developed target programs and BOP (Business Owners Policy) options for hundreds of business types throughout the United States.

General Liability Shop.com has helped over 35,000 business owners find the most affordable liability insurance coverage for their business.

Why Choose GL Shop.com?

At General Liability Shop.com all we do is commercial business insurance. We’re laser-focused on delivering super quick insurance quotes with bottom dollar prices. We work harder to help business owners buy better business insurance with less headaches, and lower rates. We shop your liability coverage so you don’t have to.

General Liability Shop.com is a national commercial insurance agency.

We’re a National Commercial Insurance Agency

When it comes to buying business insurance at the lowest rates, having a national insurance agency on your side can be a huge advantage. We’ve developed unique programs and coverage options for many types of businesses throughout the U.S. Our agency works with each of our carriers to offer more flexible payment options designed to help improve business cash flow.

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We offer liability Quotes from More Insurance Companies

We’re an independent agency representing more than 35 national and regional commercial insurance companies. Most of our partners are national carriers, actively quoting business liability insurance. We make our insurance companies compete for your insurance business. And we make them return your quotes quickly. They know we want lower rates and bigger discounts for our customers.

Our business insurance experts help you understand the cost of business coverage.

We Specialize in Business Liability Insurance

General Liability Shop does not sell leads like many other online websites offering general liability insurance online. All of our licensed agents work directly for our agency. Every agent on our staff gets over 150 hours of annual training regarding our business insurance products and programs.

We make it easier to buy GL for business owners

We Make liability Insurance Fast and Easy

Our exclusive focus on business insurance has enabled us to streamline the quoting and binding process, making it more efficient for our business customers. Once you start a quote with General Liability Shop.com, one of our Specialists will walk you through the entire process from start to finish.

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Give one of our business liability Specialists a call today at 800-900-8657, or start a quote online. We promise to work hard to find the very best deal on insurance coverage for your business.

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More Ways to Shop General Liability Insurance

We offer more options to help you shop for business insurance than any other agency in the country.

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Shop All Your Business Liability Insurance

When it come to insurance, we mean business. At General Liability Shop.com, all we do is business insurance. Whether you’re looking for general liability for a new business, or you need a full commercial insurance package, we’ve got the commercial coverages your business needs.

Liability Insurance for Business Owners

Not all insurance companies and liability policies are the same. While the cost of business coverage is always a consideration for business owners looking at insurance quotes, the value of the coverage needs to justify the price. Our agents are trained to help you understand how liability insurance coverage affects your business and why you may or may not need particular types of insurance.

At General Liability Shop.com, our job is to understand your business needs well enough to find the most affordable business insurance quotes on the market. Once we have your quotes ready for review, our job is to give you the best information about insurance options so you are able to make the right decisions regarding business liability coverage for your business.