Policy Endorsements

Insurance Endorsements and Policy Changes

If you’re a current customer and need to request a change to your policy, please complete the endorsement request below. If you have questions about an endorsement to your policy please call your account manager or agent at 800-900-8657.

Policy Change Request Form

Requesting a Policy Change

Requesting a policy change can be as simple as updating information, such as the legal status of a business or mailing address. Other policy endorsements can change the actual coverage on the policy such as increasing limits, adding vehicles or attaching additional coverages.

Keep in mind that making a policy change may likely affect your insurance premium. Anytime coverage is altered there is likely a cost associated with how the policy premium is calculated. For example, if a business sells a vehicle and adds a new one to replace it; the value or coverage on the new vehicle will cause premium and values to change. If your general liability limits are increased from $1 million to $2 million, the rate used to calculate premium will increase.

What is an Insurance Endorsement?

An insurance endorsement is anything that makes a material change to a commercial insurance policy. It is written documentation added to an existing insurance policy that modifies or changes the coverage under the current policy coverage.

An endorsement is also known as policy rider, addendum or attachment.

An endorsement can add coverage for acts or things that are not covered as a part of the original policy. They can be added at the inception of the policy or later during the term of the policy.

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Keeping Your Business Information Up-to-date

It’s important for commercial policyholders to keep their basic policy information up-to-date. Updating business phone numbers and address changes can be easy to forget. However, missing a billing statement or insurance company notice may cause an insured’s policy to cancel.

It can be difficult to get insurance companies to quote coverage or reinstate after a policy is cancelled. It can also cause issues with audit notices and endorsements. It’s good practice to contact your agent or account manager anytime your business phone number, email address, personal contact information or mailing address changes.

Insurance Endorsement Forms

Insurance companies will often require policy endorsement applications to be signed by the insured before or immediately following a policy change. If you request an endorsement that requires a signature, or revised application, your account manager will prepare the application and forward it to you to sign.

Some policy endorsements may not be effective until the signed document is returned to the insurance company.

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