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At General Liability Shop.com, our primary focus is on developing specialized GL programs and BOP coverage options to make it faster, easier and more affordable to buy business insurance. We work with more than 35 insurance carriers with diverse specialties and business appetites. That means we’re able to find more competitive solutions and better coverage for industries and businesses that may be paying too much for their commercial insurance.

Easy access to general liability for over a hundred business classes.

We work closely with our national carriers to develop tailored programs for all types of industry segments, constantly exploring new programs and commercial insurance package options. And we’re always adding new markets for commercial property and casualty business throughout the United States, so business owners always get the best price on their business coverage. When insurance carriers compete for your business insurance, you win.

Business Liability Insurance Quotes

When it’s time to get liability quotes for your business, count on GL Shop.com for faster quotes and lower insurance rates. All we do is commercial business insurance, so you know you’re dealing with national agents who have the knowledge and expertise to guide you through your best options and shop your coverage for the lowest prices and best rates for your business.

You get the insurance policy you need without the high-pressure sales tactics or confusing insurance lingo other agents use. Just straight-forward details and information about your business liability quotes, along with the premiums and coverage details.

We shop business insurance so you don’t have to.

Get started on a small business liability insurance quote for your business.

Top Selling Liability Programs and BOPs

There are hundreds of types of businesses in the U.S. and they often have unique risks, coverage needs, underwriting requirements and costs for insurance coverage. As a national agency, we’ve already helped over 35,000 businesses buy more affordable liability insurance for their business.

While we offer commercial insurance policies for nearly every type of business imaginable, we have developed some highly specialized solutions for Target Accounts.

Why is a Target Program Better for Business Insurance?

Insurance companies often claim they have a broad appetite when it comes to quoting and insuring small business owners. The fact is that most insurance companies pick and choose the business areas they want to compete in. Just because an insurance company offers a quote for coverage, doesn’t mean they will offer highly competitive rates. It also doesn’t guarantee that their insurance policy has the best language in the policy to really protect a specific business from their true risk and exposure.

Small business general liability programs and BOP quotes for a Business Owners Policy.
Target programs are specialized programs created by insurance companies or program administrators. Business types are targeted when they have been profitable and the carrier wants to increase their market share. Our target programs offer the best possible rates and the broadest coverage forms. Coverage options that are specifically designed for the type of business under the program.

Get the best coverage and lowest prices for your business insurance today. Learn more about our target programs below of give us a call today at 800-900-8657 to find our if your business qualifies for one of our commercial insurance programs.

Employers Liability Accounting and Financial Services

Accounting and Bookkeeping services need both general liability and professional liability (E&O coverage) insurance for their business. We offer all lines of liability insurance and several Business Owner Policy packages exclusively designed for accountants, tax preparation, and payroll bureaus.

Employers Liability Auto Repair Shops, Body Shops and Garage Keepers

Auto repair shops generally benefit from purchasing a Garage Keepers policy to cover general liability and all of the cars and trucks in their possession while they are working on the vehicle.

Employers Liability Bars, Taverns, Pubs and Liquor Liability

Bars and pubs typically need a combination of general liability and liquor liability coverage in order to protect their businesses from liabilities associated with intoxicated customers and the risks involved when they leave the bar.

Employers Liability Beauty Salons and Barber Shops

Hair styling salons and shops often need both GL coverage and a professional liability insurance policies to cover their businesses from liability risks associated with their industry.

Employers Liability Cable and Satellite Installers

Cable installers often need general liability insurance coverage as well as an inland marine policy to protect their tools and equipment from both damage and theft.

Employers Liability Daycare Centers and In-Home Child Care

Daycare and child care providers have a tremendous responsibility and exposure. Centers require both general liability and a specialized professional liability policy that provides additional coverage for abuse, molestation and kidnapping.

Employers Liability Dry Cleaners and Laundry Services

Dry Cleaners have unique exposure because they generally have care, custody and control of other peoples’ personal property. Our business liability programs include coverage for GL as well as a Bailees Customer Floater for customers’ property.

Employers Liability Electrical Contractors and Electricians

Electricians often have specialized tools and equipment for their trade. Contractors need general liability insurance, Inland Marine coverage and an Installation Floater to protect any equipment left on job sites during installation.

Employers Liability Floor, Carpet and Tile Installers

Floor installation contractors always need general liability coverage, whether they are working for a general contractor or a homeowner. Coverage for Tools and Equipment is also recommended.

Employers Liability Florists and Flower Shops

Many florists have peak seasons and an ongoing driving exposure for flower delivery. Aside from general liability insurance, they should also consider Hired and Non-Owned Auto and a Business Income with Extra Expense Policy.

Employers Liability Food Trucks, Trailers and Caterers

Food trucks and caterers have similar liability risks to a restaurant. However, their greatest exposure for liability claims comes from Commercial Auto insurance and the Business Personal Property inside their food truck or trailer.

Employers Liability Golf Courses and Country Clubs

Golf courses and Country Clubs have a lot of premise liability exposure for GL due to the high volume of guests on the facility. Liquor liability may also be important if alcohol is sold. Commercial Crime and Business Income are also important coverages associated with golf courses.


Employers Liability Home Healthcare Services and Agencies

Home healthcare agencies typically have liability exposures in regard to both General Liability and Professional Liability due to the nature of their work. Hired and Non-Owned Auto coverage is an important endorsement onto most GL policies.

Employers Liability Home Inspectors and Building Inspection Services

Home inspection services provide a professional service and render professional advice to their customers. They often need an insurance policy that covers general and professional liability as well as coverage for their equipment.

Employers Liability HVAC Contractors–Heating, Cooling and Plumbing

HVAC and plumbing contractors do the majority of their business in a customer’s home or a job site. Typical coverage includes General Liability with Hired and Non-Owned Coverage and a Tools and Equipment endorsement.

Employers Liability Janitorial Services and Building Maintenance

Janitorial contractors often have access to homes and offices while their customers are away from the premise. They typically benefit from General Liability coverage as well as Employee Dishonesty and Workers’ Comp insurance.

Employers Liability Lawyers, Attorneys and Law Firms

Attorneys and Lawyers’ primary risk come from giving professional advice and counsel to their customers. Malpractice insurance should be a part of any liability coverage for law firms and legal counselors.

Employers Liability Masonry Contractors and Stone Work

Masonry contractors need General Liability insurance in the event they cause damage to people or property, Tools and Equipment coverage and an Installation Floater may also be important to masons, depending on their services.

Employers Liability Doctors, Physicians and Medical Offices

Doctors and Physicians need Medical Malpractice insurance to protect them from claims filed by patients. Our BOP coverage options include GL, Malpractice and Property coverages.

Employers Liability Mortgage Brokers and Loan Offices

Mortgage brokers have a potential risk for Errors and Omissions making a Professional Liability an important part of every policy. General Liability coverage and Hired and Non-Owned coverage should be added to every E&O policy for mortgage brokers.

Employers Liability Interior and Exterior Painting Contractors

Painting contractors need general liability coverage in case they cause damage to someone else’s property. Inland Marine insurance may also be added to cover damage or theft to their tools and equipment.

Employers Liability Pest Control and Exterminating Services

Pest Inspection Damage Liability coverage is required as part of any GL coverage for most pest inspectors due to the risk associated with pesticides and chemicals. Tool and Equipment coverage is a good addition to any business insurance policy for Pest Inspectors.

Employers Liability Real Estate Agents and Property Managers

Real Estate agents need a good Agents Errors and Omissions policy in the event they are sued by a customer. GL and Professional Liability insurance are often written within the same policy under a Business Owners Policy for Real Estate Agents.

Employers Liability Restaurants and Food Services

Restaurant liability includes both injuries to customers at the restaurant as well as potential damage caused by food contamination and spoilage. Liquor Liability coverage may be added to a policy depending on whether or not alcohol is served or sold at the restaurant.

Employers Liability Retail Stores

Retail store insurance covers a wide range of retailers including new and used merchandise, appliance stores, drug stores, thrift stores and general merchandise. Commercial Property insurance, as well as inventory, are an important consideration to consider along with General Liability insurance.

Employers Liability Technology, Computers, Software and IT Services

Technology service providers have a high degree of Errors and Omissions exposure due to the custom nature of IT services, computer hardware services, software programming and website design. We offer Business Owners Policies to address Tech E&O, GL, Data Breach and Hired and Non-Owned Auto.

Employers Liability Trim Carpenters and Finish Carpentry

Carpenters are highly skilled tradesmen who earn a living via their craft. A good BOP typically covers liability risk associated with carpentry contractors including General Liability, Inland Marine, Workers’ Comp and Commercial Auto insurance.


How Much is Business Insurance?

Business insurance costs are largely determined by the nature of your business. However, rates and premiums for similar businesses can still vary widely. Insurance companies underwrite accounts on a number of factors including; state, years in business, prior claims or accidents, gross payroll, gross sales, and square footage of office or facility.

It’s important to shop commercial insurance coverages with a number of carriers to make sure your business is being quoted by an insurance company that has an appetite and/or a specialized program for your business and your state. Many regional carriers may also offer competitive rates for certain industries. Let a General Liability Shop Agent quote your business insurance today.

National Business Insurance Programs

Our national insurance programs are perfect for most types of businesses looking for fast liability quotes, great coverage and friendly customer service after the policy is written. We’re a national commercial insurance agency laser-focused on business liability insurance. We get to know your business fast, and then get to work finding the most affordable options available from more than 35 national and regional insurance carriers.