Gun Clubs

Insurance for Guns Clubs and Shooting Ranges

Shooting ranges provide facilities for customers to practice shooting at targets with various types of firearms. Ranges may be indoor or outdoor, public or private. Lessons are often offered to beginners. Equipment can be sold or rented, and repair services may be available. Tournament events may be held on premises.

Recommended Insurance Programs for Gun Ranges

Minimum recommended coverage:

    •   General Liability
    •   Property Insurance
    •   Commercial Crime- Employee Dishonesty Bond
    •   Workers’ Compensation

Other coverages to consider for Shooting Clubs:

Building, Business Income and Extra Expense, Money and Securities, Accounts Receivables, Valuable Papers and Records, Umbrella, Hired and Non-Owned Auto, Bailees Customers, Cyber Liability, EPLI Insurance.

Common Risks and Needs Associated with Shooting Ranges

General Liability Insurance
General liability coverage for on-premise exposures are significant due to the number of visitors to the business and the type of operation. Shooters and other visitors can trip, slip or fall or be struck by flying bullets. Adequate safeguards, such as barriers preventing access to the shooting range while in use, are mandatory to protect spectators and participants from danger while shooting is being done.

The supervision of minors at the range is extremely important. Background checks should be made for any employee supervising the activities of minors. If weapons are rented for practice shooting, the range must supervise the guest to be sure the weapons are being properly used. If tournaments or competitions are sponsored or held on premises, there should be adequate security to enforce safe operations. If classes are offered, instructors should be educated to promote safe shooting practices.

Products liability exposure with regard to GL coverage comes from the sale and repair of weapons and ammunition. The sale of used or reconditioned weapons poses additional concern due to the danger of misloading, reloading, or misfiring.

Property Insurance
Property exposures are more limited if all shooting is done outdoors and firearms and ammunition are not stored on the premises. The exposure for indoor ranges varies from very low to very high, depending on whether firearms and ammunition are stored in the building. Many shooting ranges are located in rural locations with fire services located some distance from the property. On-site protection such as a smoke detector, fire extinguishers and a fire alarm is recommended.

If guns, rifles, other firearms and accessories are sold or repaired, security systems should be in place to prevent theft. Vandalism is a possibility so the premises should be protected against unauthorized access after hours. Business income loss potential may be significant if there are no backup facilities available.

Commercial Crime Policy
Crime exposure typically comes from employee dishonesty and money and securities. Criminal background checks are recommended for all employees as the black market for guns can tempt clerks to steal merchandise for unscrupulous customers. Controls should be in place in every area of operations. Ordering and inventory must be monitored and carefully supervised.

Inland Marine Coverage
Inland marine exposures for Gun Clubs may exist depending on the business. If the shooting range stores equipment of customers or members or offers repair services, Bailees Customer coverage should be considered. Backups of all data should be kept off premises for easy restoration in the event of a loss.

Workers’ Compensation
Workers compensation exposure is from being hit with projectiles; slips, falls, sprains and strains. Employees should be well trained and always wear safety equipment, including ear protection, while on shooting ranges. Cuts, burns, contact dermatitis, or respiratory ailments may result from making repairs to weapons.

Liability Insurance Quotes for Gun Ranges

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Shooting Range Liability Classification Codes

Commercial insurance companies use various liability classification systems in order to classify and rate coverage premiums for Gun Ranges. Here are the most common business insurance classification for Shooting Clubs:

Business Liability Category: Recreation and Sports

SIC Business Insurance Codes:

    •   7997- Membership Sports and Recreation Clubs

NAICS Liability Classifications:

    •   713990- Other Amusement and Recreation Industries

Business ISO General Liability:

    •   Code: 47253- Indoor Rifle or Pistol Ranges
    •   Code: 47254- Outdoor Rifle or Gun Ranges
    •   Code: 48206- Skeet Shooting or Trap Shooting Ranges

Common Workers Compensation Class Codes:

    •   9180- Amusement Operations- Shooting Clubs