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See the Unique Advantages of PayGo General Liability Insurance

As a result of changes in the insurance industry, there are more premium payment options available today than the old traditional direct bill policies.  Pay As You Go options have grown dramatically but they require an agency interface to manage the transactional requirement of reporting and applying premium payments based on actual payroll.

You can also improve cash flow each month and reduce audit exposure by capitalizing on PayGo options when paying premium based on your actual payroll exposure in the same period that your revenue is up.  This unique payment option also helps protect you from large audit balances because your reported payroll and premium should match up during your annual audits.

Some people believe that Pay As You Go GL involves more red tape and is more work.  But GL has streamlined the process to save you time and efficiently manage the process.  This is why so many business owners and employers have taken advantage of our PayGo GL options instead of Direct Bill policies.


Pay As You Go GL for Contractors Direct PayGo vs Payroll Integrated GL
GL makes it easy to process and manage our clients' Pay As You Go GL reporting and payment process.

Our Direct PayGo GL program allows you to manage or outsource your own payroll and then report your payroll and remit premium to us via direct debit after each payroll processing cycle.
Our Integrated PayGo GL program enables us to process your payroll with our state-of-the-art payroll platform and our own payroll company, PaySmart Payroll.  With this arrangement we can manage and monitor you insurance program(s) and administer your payroll at the same time.


How Do I Qualify for Pay As You Go GL?

When GL works on GL quotes for our customers we always look at all of the options for you.  In most cases, you will receive multiple quotes from our agency, including Direct Bill plans and PayGo options, when available.  Our goal is to win your business with expert knowledge, great pricing, the most payment options, super fast service, and a friendly, professional staff.


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Is My Business Eligible for Pay As You Go GL?

General Liability coverage is rated in one of three ways depending on your industry and, sometimes, the insurance companies preferences.

Many "white collar" and retail industries are rated based on gross sales.  Some medical classes of business are rated based on the square footage of the facility.  The standard for rating the service and construction industry is payroll by classification.  See DOL SIC Rating System

Because the insurance rates for service and construction industries are typically more costly than typical "white collar" industries it becomes even more valuable to control and predict the costs of insurance with products like PayGo GL.

What About Options for My Business?

If your business does not fall into a class rated on payroll we can still help.  Our carriers understand that one of our main goals for our clients is to improve cash flow.  Therefore, we have developed special arrangements that often allow us to provide 12 equal installment plans or other, more flexible, payment arrangements.

We also closely monitor our Payroll clients insurance rating factors to help them prepare for annual audits and renewals with insurance providers.

PaySmart Fuels PayGo GL and Work Comp

With our own Payroll company, PaySmart, LLC, we make Pay As You Go general liability and workers' compensation a breeze with our "one stop" shop. 


PaySmart is a whole lot more than a boring payroll provider.  Our companies work closely on a weekly basis to make sure your insurance and complete payroll processing is being serviced by experts in both fields.  View PaySmart's Payroll Brochure.



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General Liability is not an insurance company.  We may share customer information with insurance partners to assist you in placing GL coverage.  Customers with questions may visit the Department of Labor (DOL) or search Standard Industrial Classification Codes (SIC) for information.
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